If you are a Medicare beneficiary or if you are or will soon be eligible for Medicare, it is important for you to understand that as of March 4, 1998 Dr. Edwards has voluntarily removed himself from the Medicare reimbursement system. Because of this:

  • If you are a Medicare beneficiary or are eligible for Medicare, you must sign a contract with Dr. Edwards agreeing that you will not file a claim for Medicare reimbursement for services Dr. Edwards provides to you.
  • "Medigap" insurance may not reimburse you for services Dr. Edwards provides.
  • Dr. Edwards may not be required to report to CMS confidential information from your medical record as he might if he still filed claims.
  • Your fee will be Dr. Edwards' usual and customary fee for the service provided.
  • This arrangement with Dr. Edwards has no effect on your relationship with any other provider of medical services with regard to Medicare reimbursement.
  • Signing the contract in no way obligates you to continue as a patient of Dr. Edwards. You are free to seek a different psychiatrist at any time, and if you wish Dr. Edwards will help refer you to someone who is qualified.
  • If you wish to engage Dr. Edwards' medical services under this arrangement, you may print out and sign the contract and bring it to your first appointment.

Please contact us if you have any questions.