Buprenorphine Maintenance

Dr. Edwards is qualified and licensed to treat opioid (heroin, other narcotics) dependence with buprenorphine (Suboxone®Subutex®) in his office.

Before starting induction or maintenance you must undergo psychiatric evaluation by Dr. Edwards. If you and Dr. Edwards decide to proceed with treatment you schedule a visit on another day to start. Treatment begins with induction conducted on two successive days. On each of those days the patient takes the drug in the office under Dr. Edwards' supervision. Before starting treatment you should have a physical exam by your primary care physician. Patients wishing to transfer care from another physician to Dr. Edwards may allow you to skip the in office induction provided your prior physician sends Dr. Edwards documentation of current treatment. It is the patient's responsibility to obtain these records.

Dr. Edwards' usual fee structure will apply, but before starting you must pay in advance for your first 3 visits and your last visit. Contact your insurance company to determine whether visits to Dr. Edwards or your prescriptions will be covered. It may be billed under psychiatric codes. Dr. Edwards has opted out of Medicare and does not contract with insurers, but he may provide you with a claim form you can submit to your payer.

Dr. Edwards will order your medication from the pharmacy of your choice. Dr. Edwards does not keep controlled drugs in his office and will not dispense the drug to you. Your buprenorphine dose will be determined at each visit.

Because administration of buprenorphine to a patient who has been using other opiates can precipitate severe withdrawal symptoms, patients should abstain from other drugs for at least twelve hours prior to the first dose of buprenorphine which will not be administered during your first ever visit for evaluation. If you have recently used methadone you should abstain for 24 hours or longer to minimize risk of precipitated withdrawal.

In order to obtain this treatment under Dr. Edwards' care you will be required to sign an informed consent form